Where I chose to stay in Paris – Arty Hostel

After a night on the sleeper train from Milan, we arrived in Paris bright and early!

We decided to stay at Arty hostel to be close to the Eiffel Tower while not going over our budget.  While researching online, arty hostel’s main webpage instant drew me in!
SQ and I did not get much rest in the overnight train, so we were super excited to check into Arty Hostel. Imagine our relief when we finally arrived at Arty Hostel!

Honestly, I was surprised with Arty Hostel’s interior. The photos on their website did not disappoint! It was what I expected and more. The receptionist gave us a really warm welcome, and even offered us free tomato soup!

With the receptionist

We learnt that all guests are welcomed to help themselves to free soup during check in, which I thought was very heart warming (and belly warming), especially in winter. You can even get free beer if you book direct at Arty Hostel. You can also score a free upgrade based on availability!

In the common lounge, there is a Foosball table which is free for all, a guitar, a computer if you need at the beautifully designed main lounge. It is very thoughtful of them to install plugs that came with USB Ports all around the main lounge. I also thought that it was very thoughtful of them to provide free ear plugs if you need some quiet to sleep well.

When we arrived, free croissants were also available at the main lounge!

Free Croissants

The time for check in was after 3, so we decided to leave our baggages at the luggage room to explore Paris. See also: Ultimate Paris Guide

After exploring, we headed back to the hostel.  We were Super excited to see our room, having been so impressed with the main lounge and dining area. The room totally exceeded our expectations. Take a look at the details!



Even after dinner, SQ and I still felt hungry. We found out that there was an Asian supermarket right around the corner! From there, we got some eggs and instant noodles before heading back to the hostel to cook. I must say that the kitchen area is very well maintained and cleaned, having lived in multiple hostels. The cleanliness is 10/10! The kitchen is fully stocked with cutleries, dishes, pots and pans.While cooking, we met many other guests from around the globe. I even met someone who shared a mutual Friend with me! Talk about living in a small world.

Cooking with international friends
Chicken Nugget Master Chef

Arty Hostel provides free breakfast for their guests. Take a look at their spread! On a side note though, remember not to put croissants in the toasters! Someone did, which resulted in the fire alarm going off.

Breakfast Spread


FYI, if you do forget to bring necessities or am craving for snacks, this information might be useful for you!


Overall, SQ and I thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Arty Hostel! Let me know of your experience if you do ever visit Paris and Arty Hostel:)

See also: Ultimate Paris Guide


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